Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit

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Take your portable espresso game to the next level with the Nanopresso Barista Kit. This accessory bundle for the Wacaco Nanopresso enables you to pull full double shots, gives you extra coffee filter baskets for rapid shot pulling, and puts it all in a travel-ready carrying case.

The primary benefit of the kit is the ability to pull double shots of rich, balanced espresso. This is enabled by three accessories: (1) two 16g coffee filter baskets, (2) an adapter to fit the larger baskets, and (3) an extended 140ml water reservoir.

Now you can pull two shots in one go instead of just a single – all while maintaining the full 18 bars of pressure that the Nanopresso is famous for.


Your Nanopresso Improved - A kit designed to turn your Nanopresso into a more powerful, more capable portable espresso brewer (Nanopresso not included).

Extended Water Tank - Raises the water limit from 80ml to 140ml to enable you to pull double shots.

Double Shot Filter Baskets - Ships with two 16g filter baskets and an adapter that allows you to pull a full double shot, rather than being limited to the original 8g basket.

An Extra Single Shot Basket - Comes with an additional 8g filter basket to give you a total of two 8g baskets and two 16g baskets.

Specialized Tamp - An improved tamp allows you to more easily and consistently tamp the grounds.

Carrying Case - All accessories fit neatly into a travel-ready container the same size of the original Nanopresso by fitting the water tank, adapter ring and outlet head together.


  • Material - BPA-free Plastic
  • Weight - 270g
  • Dimensions - 150 x 62 x 62 mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Large Water Tank (140 ml)
  • 1 x Larger Espresso Cup
  • 2 x Double Espresso Filter Baskets (16g)
  • 1 x Single Espresso Filter Basket (8g)
  • 1 x Tamper
  • 1 x Double Espresso Adapter Ring

Suggested Instructions:

  • Fill the large water tank from the barista kit with 140ml of hot water
  • Screw the double espresso adapter onto the head of the Nanopresso
  • Fill the double sized, 16g, filter basket with ground coffee using the Nanopresso scoop
  • Tamp, HARD, using the new Nanopresso tamp included in the barista kit
  • Be sure to clean any grounds off the rim before placing it in the double espresso adapter
  • Screw on the lid and pump the perfectly extracted espresso into the cup of your choice
Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit

Wacaco Nanopresso Barista Kit

Regular price $49.90
Sale price $49.90 Regular price
Unit price

Customer Reviews

Based on 44 reviews
Shane O'Donoghue
Happy coffee addict

Love this addition to my nanopress. Having spent a lot of time living in hotels with work and not liking the instant coffee I bought this and I was not disappointed. In addition to the pod adapter this gives me the ability to make the coffee I like while I’m away from home. Well built and easy to use. Would highly recommend this

Game changer in the nanopresso world. A must have!

I literally can’t believe I didn’t get this sooner!Love the nanopresso but always felt that the single shot that comes with the unit by default, was too small and always found myself going through two shots just for one cup.The I was surprised to find that it came with its own carry case, an additional double shot and an additional single shot.So now I have two of each shot size… and they each come with little lids, so you can prefix them if you’re taking the nanopresso out camping, they’re ready to go.Highly recommend!

Goes with the wacaco nanopresso I bought my son it’s an amazing small portable coffee machine

Go’s with WACACO Nanopresso

Paul Owen
Small and compact easy to use

Really easy to use small and compact product


LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT.The only cheap way to get a decent home espresso and doppio amd hence a decent hone flat white and other espresso based coffee drinks. Assuming excellent grade frshly roasted coffee beans, this nanopresso creates a beaitifully bodied espresso with a beautiful crema. Works well in barista mode without the pressure button inserted. Manual use allows for personal control and less to go wrong, like with expensive espresso machines that need descaling and servicing, and there is no control over quality with.