Varia VS3 Electric Coffee Grinder 2nd Generation - Black

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1) New motor construction with stainless steel gearbox, delivering a grind speed of 190RPM for both espresso and filter settings while maintaining consistent precision. Uncompromised consistency and precision across all grind settings. Safety mechanism built in to ensure over torque protection.

2) The updated assembly with improved alignment and concentricity of the driveshaft and burr set, resulting in extreme consistency and precision. Unique to the VS3 the driveshaft is machined to a 0.015mm tolerance. P5 class double layer ball bearings for smooth, stable and precise movements. Hard chamber premium springs for stability an damping of the burr under resistance load resulting in decreased vibrations and movements of the internal parts increasing consistency. 

3) New outer burr design machined out of one piece of stainless steel using precision tolerances resulting in precise alignment, concentricity and stability while grinding resulting in a far more precise and consistent particle distribution. Small notches have also been added to the ears of the outer burr to ensure that it can be easily removed from the chamber by hand.

4) The anti-static design incorporates metal parts treated with anti-static oxidation surface treatment, ensuring minimal static retention and ensuring that coffee only comes into contact with metal throughout the entire process, from the hopper to the dosing cup.


The Varia VS3 (Varia Stepless 38mm) Electric Grinder utilises a sloped geometry with a 76.5° acute angle. Using this geometry also allows for ideal zero retention conditions as well as a better workflow in relation to adding coffee to the hopper, making grind adjustments, and 180° access to the dosing cup.

Purging will not be necessary when grinding different coffees with a retention of less than 0.1 over a 10g dose.

Absolute precision and alignment from the ground up. Every edge of the main body is machined to 0.02mm accuracy and high grade processing.High grade scratch resistant spray powder coated matte finish. Durable and easy to clean.

Fine pitched thread with 0.02MM (20 Microns) of relative burr shift per increment.
Our stepless adjustment is operated by turning the hopper in the desired direction. As a result of our stepless assembly, we can achieve virtually endless particle sizes giving you full access to experimenting with your brews. Each shift of the burr represents a 20μm relative vertical burr shift or 0.02mm per increment. Hopper capacity of 30g. 

ompact size and unmatched performance & consistency. VS3 is a highly compact electric grinder that has extreme performance from commercial espresso settings to hand drip and cold brew.

Magnets into our hopper lid to connect with the hopper as well as our base to connect with our dosing cup. Non slip silicone feet are also installed on the base of the VS3. Includes silicone bellows cleaner.


    • Burr Type - 38mm conical 6 core
    • Base Material - High nitrogen 420 Stainless Steel
    • Burr Material Hardness - HRC58
    • Burr Life - 150kg
    • Maximum recommended continuous grind time - 60 seconds grind time, +90 seconds rest
    • Grind Setting - Stepless adjustment / (20 Micron) relative vertical burr shift or 0.02mm per increment
    • Retention (10g Dose) - With RDT <0.1g / Without RDT: <0.2g
    • Grind Speed (18g Dose) - Espresso: 24 seconds, Filter #0 setting: 15 seconds
    • Hopper Capacity - 30g
    • Grinder Construction Material - ADC12 die cast and machined aluminium
    • Motor - New Type 100W DC motor / 190RPM No load speed - Full Stainless Steel Gearbox
    • Voltage - 100-240V (Australian Plug)
    • Torque -
    • Dimensions - 147 x 90 x 310mm
    • Weight - 3.5kg
    • Important note - VS3 has been made to handle both espresso and filter grind sizes, however VS3 may find onmi/light roasts challenging at espresso settings (depending on the roast degree and type of bean), please ensure to take the upmost care while grinding light roasted coffees and ensure that you feed the beans in slowly or adjust your dose to suit a slightly coarser grind size.

    What's Included:

    • 1 x VS3 Grinder (Stainless Steel Supernova Burr Installed)
    • 1 x User Manual
    • 1 x DC power adapter (Includes selected AC power cord and plug)
    • 1 x Magnetic dosing cup
    • 1 x Silicone bellows for hopper
    • 1 x 5mL RDT spray bottle
    • 1 x Cleaning brush
    • 1 x Spare parts pack


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      • Please refer to our Warranty Policy.
          Varia VS3 Electric Coffee Grinder 2nd Generation - Black

          Varia VS3 Electric Coffee Grinder 2nd Generation - Black

          Regular price $485.00
          Sale price $485.00 Regular price $599.00
          Unit price

          Customer Reviews

          Based on 2 reviews

          I found this grinder great to use until it failed completely after a few months of 2 coffees per day. The on/off switch and power circuit failed, as best I can tell. After searching it appears these grinders have had lots of issues.

          So far the support from The Golden Brewing has been slow to the point it appears they are trying to avoid their consumer obligations. If a product is defective, it’s the responsibility of the seller to make good, not attempt to blame on manufacturer and avoid legal obligation to the customer.

          Based on this I can’t recommend the VS3 Gen2 or The Golden Brewing.

          Thank you for your feedback.

          We understand your frustration and apologize for any inconvenience you experienced. Here are some points we'd like to clarify:

          Timeline: We first received your warranty request on Monday, May 13th, and the warranty claim was resolved on Monday, May 20th. This timeframe of five working days was necessary to consult with our technician and the manufacturer to accurately determine the issue. This ensures that all issues are correctly diagnosed and addressed.

          Communication: Throughout this process, we responded to your emails within one hour during business hours and at the earliest possible time the next business day for after-hours messages. Our goal was to ensure you were kept informed at every step.

          We apologize if our speed of process gave the impression that we were trying to avoid our obligations. Our intention was always to ensure you received the proper support and resolution as quickly as possible.

          We appreciate your patience and understanding.

          Makes me excited to rise and grind every morning

          Every night when I go to sleep, I can't contain my excitement to wake up the next day and use my beautiful Varia VS3. When I'm not using it, I stare lovingly at it, dreaming of the next grind.

          I all seriousness, not only is this a beautifully designed grinder that feels great to use, it grinds extremely well. With it's relatively slower speed, it produces a consistent grind size.

          I use it to grind for pour over brewing. I found the grind size recommendations trend towards the finer size but after some refining, I found my optimal grind size easily.

          The bonus features such as the magnetic cup, spray bottle and bellow all add to a complete single dose grinder experience.

          Highly recommend.