Sanremo Cafe Racer Coffee Machine - White & Wood

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This is the coffee machine that the coffee trade is most excited about. It is making massive waves across the world, not only for its awesome looks but it is the only coffee machine on the market designed and specified specifically for high volume, speciality coffee production.

Uniquely it has just 3 buttons – designed specifically for high volume coffee production with mainly one speciality coffee. If you have the customers, the Cafe Racer will smash coffee out, enabling you to sell over 1,500 coffees a day.

The 360 Free Lever Movement (360FLM) steam valve tackles the biggest issue in coffee machine RSI, rotational steam valve operation and gives perfect control for unlimited steam on cool touch steam wands. And it is one of the lowest energy use machines on the market (SEEM).

The dials show everything the barista needs to know to monitor the extraction while the system, which was quite literally designed and specified by a group of world championship baristas and engineers, is so consistent and accurate it is hard to believe.

It also makes dialling in coffee each day and on the go, fast and simple. We can’t recommend it enough to coffee shops seeking to establish a clear edge over competitors.



  • Adjustable height work surface - Innovative Sanremo ‘all in one’ Suspension system that allows for cups of different shapes and heights

  • Automatic Cleaning Cycle - Process for the automatic cleaning of the coffee groups

  • Auto Diagnosis - Maintenance can be scheduled according to litres or number of coffees dispensed.

  • Auto-on/offProgrammable on-off timer for each day/or daily timetables

  • Coffee unit single displayControl all coffee extraction parameters

  • Cool Touch Steam WandsAnti burning feature even with prolonged use, fitted with ‘Latte art’ high-performance steam terminals

  • Easy AccessFast access to the internal parts for quick and easy technical service

  • Electronic auto-levelThrough an electronic level probe the boiler is automatically filled and maintained to the right filling level

  • Energy Saving SystemInsulation and smart energy management saving up to 30% of energy

  • High performance flowmeter volumetricsFor an accurate and precise coffee dose in the cup

  • High performance volumetric pumpComplete pressure stability with prolonged use of more than one group

  • Independent regulation of the coffee water temperaturemaximum temperature precision and consistency of distribution

  • Infusion water display indicates tea and herbal teas water brewing temperature - in the two group it is shown with the steam boiler display

  • LED Lighting of the working areaAllows efficient working in any condition of environmental lighting

  • Mixed infusion hot waterimmediate mixing of cold/hot water for better quality

  • Multi-function displayAllows control with 0.1 second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed with programming of 4 different profiles for each group

  • Programmable Cup WarmerAllows the cups to be kept at the optimum temperature in the most different climatic conditions

  • Programmable Electronic Pre-infusionAllows control with 0.1 second tolerance of the flow of water that wets the coffee bed with programming of 4 different profiles for each group

  • Stainless steel groupsExclusive Sanremo Design ensures exceptional thermal stability and maximum resistance to oxidation and lime scale

  • Stainless steel free motion steam tapsFlexible 360 degree control system for producing and dispensing steam

  • Stainless steel coffee boilerGuarantees excellent stability and thermal precision, as well as resistance to oxidation and limestone

  • Steam Control adjustable electronic pressure switchSensor with 0.02 bar precision that allows the chosen pressure to be kept constant in all conditions of use.

  • Steam Boiler DisplayIndicates steam boiler pressure and temperature

  • System Display - visibility of all of the machine functions; temperatures, pressures and levels.


 Technical Data
2 Group
3 Group
Voltage (V) 230/240 1N
380/415 3N
230/240 1N
380/415 3N
Power Input (KW) 7.03 8.35
Steam Boiler Capacity  (lt) 8 10
External Puml Power  (kW) 0.165
Depth  (inches/mm) to end of drip tray 26.7/680



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      Sanremo Cafe Racer Coffee Machine - White & Wood

      Sanremo Cafe Racer Coffee Machine - White & Wood

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