Kingrinder K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

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Gaining popularity around the world, KINGrinder is designed in Taiwan to optimize the balance between high quality grinding, ease of use, and value.

With a range of grinders available, we’ve chosen a selection of the most exciting designs. The K1 grinder is a beginner grinder for espresso with a 38mm burr design. For an all-around budget friendly yet quality grinder, the K2 is an excellent value. The K4 has titanium-coated burrs that excel at espresso grinds, while the K6 is a versatile grinder that is as equally well-suited to espresso as it is the best in the lineup for brew grinds.

K1 Model - The KINGrinder K1 features an interior grind adjustment control for its stainless steel burr set, allowing you to fine-tune your grind size. With an 18 µm adjustment per click, making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable. The K1 is an all around budget-friendly, yet quality grinder.


1 click = 18 μm & 1 round = 40 clicks

Classic never gets old. Minor interior adjustment mechanism with 18 μm per click and 40 clicks per round allow you to dial freely. Making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table and a cezve for relaxing after dinner.

K1 Burr - 38mm Stainless Steel Burr

The shape of the burr from the K1 grinder is six sides.

Not only provide clean taste with pour-over, but serve nice espresso. K21 grinder is worth you every penny and the best gift to your friend and family.

Drill-grinding and Hand-grinding

Grinding with hands (w/ white O-ring) or a driller (w/ black O-ring) is attainable with the dual PC lid methods. It is equipped with industry standard 6.35mm crank nut, so you can use a drill to power it!

Aluminum Body- All Metal Construction

The body of the KINGrinder is full aluminum with a hopper volume of 20~25g for a good amount of beans to be grounded in one go.

Take apart and clean the grinder thoroughly with bare hands.


  • Made for all coffee preparation methods
  • All metal construction
  • All-around and budget-friendly
  • 38mm Stainless Steel Conical burrs Set
  • 40 clicks per round, 18 μm per click
  • Friendly Cleaning
  • 6.35mm drill compatible
  • Capacity - 20-25g
  • Weight - 585g
  • Material - Aluminium body, CNC Stainless Steel burrs
  • Dimensions - 170 X 52 X 52mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Kingrinder K1 Manual Coffee Grinder
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual

Recommended Grind Settings:

  • Espresso Machine: 40-60 clicks
  • Moka Pot: 60-80 clicks
  • AeroPress: 60-80 clicks
  • Pourover: 80-120 clicks
  • Siphon: 80-120 clickse
  • French Press: 140 clicks
  • Chemex: 150 clicks

      Kingrinder K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

      Kingrinder K1 Manual Coffee Grinder

      Regular price $49.00
      Sale price $49.00 Regular price $68.00

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