Brewista Tornado Duo Pour Over Double Wall Glass Dripper

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The Tornado Duo is the first double walled premium glass dripper. It is made out of durable omniseal glass which means it is easy to clean, insulates heat, and maintains a high temperature during the brewing process.

It is lightweight and its borosilicate glass has no odour. The unique crystalline design is appealing to the eye while making an aromatic pour over.

The 18 glass ribs allow for better water flow and avoids excessive air build up. It conveniently comes with a drip tray to collect all the unwanted post pour over drips keeping the brewing area clean. They've really thought of everything with this!  


  • Unique 18 rib Tornado dripper for optimum extract
  • Insulated double-wall glass
  • Sealed easy-to-clean design
  • Serves 1-2 cups
  • Compatible with V60 and other similar cone filters
  • Material - Heat Resistant Borosilicate Glass
  • Dimensions - W 115 x H 90 mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Tornado Duo Double Wall Dripper
  • 1 x Drip Tray
    Brewista Tornado Duo Pour Over Double Wall Glass Dripper

    Brewista Tornado Duo Pour Over Double Wall Glass Dripper

    Regular price $54.90
    Sale price $54.90 Regular price
    Unit price

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 5 reviews
    Max Planck
    Makes a good pour over cup of coffee.

    Easy to use and clean. Makes a very good cup of coffee.

    Sterling M. Smith
    Speeds up the drip process quite well

    This is a nicely made and pretty good quality swirled drip-assist device for making coffee with a Chemex-style brewing pot that use either paper or metal-mesh filters. I think it could probably be used as a stand-alone dripper, such as over a big coffee mug, but because the size of the bottom of this unit is small, you'd need to match the diameter of a mug or pot almost exactly -- which is why it works with a funnel drip-brewer like the Chemex or others. It will fit into the funnel at some point.The idea is that the vortex creates a swirl with the liquid as it drips and instead of each drop having to make its way to the bottom pointed end of a paper cone filter, the fresh coffee drops can make it through the sides all the way up with each groove adding to the speed.And it really works. It's much faster than using a Chemex with a paper filter alone. I'd say about 3 or 4 times as fast. Which is maybe good or maybe bad, depending on your personal preference. Because the liquid goes through so quickly, I can see where it might not extract as much from the grounds and result in weaker coffee.However, in my experience it didn't seem to do that. I was careful to not overwhelm the coffee grounds with too much water all at once, which would cause weaker coffee no matter if you're using this device or not.The instructions are all in Chinese for the unit I received, luckily it's not a super-technical gadget, so just put the funnel in this device, then put that into the funnel of the drip-brewer and use as normal. Since this funnel is narrower, the Chemex filters don't open up as much, but they still work, but could be considered annoying to get to stay down depending on the type of filter you're using.The little black plastic piece is just a kind of trivet to put this when you remove it from the pot. It's got an anti-slip piece on the bottom so it won't skid around on your counter. It's made with a little cavity that will catch the excess drip from the filter, but it's really only for when the dripping is almost done -- don't try to put this on the little trivet if there's a bunch of water still in the filter or you'll have a mess on your counter.Overall, this does what it is supposed to do and really speeds up the drip process for your drip-brew. I personally think the current price of $38 is a bit steep. But it's a very good quality glass and you only have to buy it once, so it's not a budget-breaker. Solid five-stars.

    Joanna D.
    Japanese pour over

    Drip coffee makes the freshest cup. I also pour over ice for iced coffee, just make it stronger. The filter is very good looking and slows down the drip.

    Ali Khalifa
    recommend for great taste

    love it

    The perfect dripper for pour over!

    Thus pour over was done right, you can tell how much slower it drips than typical pour over drippers. The coffee comes out much more robust since it steeps in the coffee a little longer before dripping out. This is a perfect match for the X Series pitcher that they sell as well. I have used this every day this week and I love the coffee that this makes. No complaints