Kingrinder K2 Manual Coffee Grinder

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Gaining popularity around the world, KINGrinder is designed in Taiwan to optimize the balance between high quality grinding, ease of use, and value.

With a range of grinders available, we’ve chosen a selection of the most exciting designs. The K1 grinder is a beginner grinder for espresso with a 38mm burr design. For an all-around budget friendly yet quality grinder, the K2 is an excellent value. The K4 has titanium-coated burrs that excel at espresso grinds, while the K6 is a versatile grinder that is as equally well-suited to espresso as it is the best in the lineup for brew grinds.

K2 Model - K2 is the most cost-effective grinder among the KINGrinder lineup. It comes with 48mm stainless steel burrs that can handle all types of brewing methods. The K2 will be a pleasant surprise to you with its high-quality feel and grind result. It is well-built, yet relatively affordable, and punches beyond its price range.


1 click = 18 μm & 1 round = 40 clicks

Classic never gets old. Minor interior adjustment mechanism with 18 μm per click and 40 clicks per round allow you to dial freely. Making precise, micro-changes in grind size is achievable and repeatable, allowing you to brew a cafetière for the breakfast table and a cezve for relaxing after dinner.

K2 Burr - 48mm Stainless Steel Burr

The shape of the burr from the K2 grinder is six sides. 

Not only provide clean taste with pour-over, but serve nice espresso. K2 grinder is worth you every penny and the best gift to your friend and family.

Drill-grinding and Hand-grinding

Grinding with hands (w/ white O-ring) or a driller (w/ black O-ring) is attainable with the dual PC lid methods. It is equipped with industry standard 6.35mm crank nut, so you can use a drill to power it!

Aluminum Body- All Metal Construction

The body of the KINGrinder is full aluminum with a hopper volume of 20~25g for a good amount of beans to be grounded in one go.

Take apart and clean the grinder thoroughly with bare hands.


  • Made for all coffee preparation methods
  • All metal construction
  • All-around and budget-friendly
  • 48mm Stainless Steel Conical burrs Set
  • 40 clicks per round, 18 μm per click
  • Friendly Cleaning
  • 6.35mm drill compatible
  • Capacity - 20-25g
  • Weight - 585g
  • Material - Aluminium body, CNC Stainless Steel burrs
  • Dimensions - 170 X 52 X 52mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Kingrinder K2 Manual Coffee Grinder
  • 1 x Cleaning Brush
  • 1 x User Manual

Recommended Grind Settings:

  • Espresso Machine: 40-60 clicks
  • Moka Pot: 60-80 clicks
  • AeroPress: 60-80 clicks
  • Pourover: 80-120 clicks
  • Siphon: 80-120 clickse
  • French Press: 140 clicks
  • Chemex: 150 clicks

      Kingrinder K2 Manual Coffee Grinder

      Kingrinder K2 Manual Coffee Grinder

      Regular price $75.00
      Sale price $75.00 Regular price $88.00

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 3 reviews
      Wilson Hernandez
      Great grinder

      Definitely great value for money. Grinds consistently and feels like a premium product with all metal construction and steel burr.

      Phillip Hawes
      K2 for Espresso

      Very pleased with this value for money grinder. Was easy to dial in for use with my Picopresso. Has good build quality and feels great in the hand. Grinding 20g of beans takes no time at all.

      Bill Bown
      KinGrinder K2

      Absolutely brilliant, blown away buy the build quality - can't fault it. Exceptional for my purpose V60 pour over and Aerorpess. Have friend with much more expensive grinders all saying its great value. Looked at many others this K2 ticked all the boxes, so happy with this purchase.