Upgraded Version Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus+ Scale - Black

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2021 new release version(TES006) upgrades the main chip so it's more efficient and stable. The measurement is more reliable and it response faster. Increase entity switch to improve the power endurance during standby.

Updated features:

1) New model has a physical switch at the side of the scale allows option for a longer standby
2) Timer and power buttons are engraved
3) Faster weighing speed through hardware optimization
4) Increased weighing accuracy

This scale can use for both espresso and brewing. Please make sure the width and length of the drip tray of your espresso machine is no shorter than 12.5cm and 14.5cm and there’s at least 10cm between the bottom of your portafilter to the drip tray.

The scale timer starts to count automatically when the water is filled. (40 seconds or more to retain the data) The number of times and weights will stop changing when you pick up the equipment. Allowing you to control the extraction time and extraction weight without interference and enjoy the aroma changes of coffee. Suitable for both espresso and pour over.


  • Fits under the portafilters of most espresso machines
  • 0.1g High-precision/Accuracy - Measure up to 2kgs in 0.1g increments, ideal not just for coffee.
  • Fast Response Time - Every second/0.1gram can make all the difference.
  • Auto Timing
  • Hidden LED Display - Comes to life when you press on
  • USB Type C - Chargeable battery
  • Battery Status Indicator - Knowing when you should charge it
  • Smooth Matt Surface - Helps to keep clean from fingerprints and stains
  • Battery Mode - 5 minutes auto turn off
  • Silicon Pad - Ensure nothing skids off the surface
  • Waterproof - The surface is waterproof but the charging port is not


  • Battery - Rechargeable lithium-ion 1600mAh
  • Charging - PortUSB-C
  • Battery Life - 10 hours
  • Resolution - 0.1g (0.5g-2000g)
  • Capacity - 2000g
  • Measuring Units - Grams / Ounces | Seconds
  • Display: - LED Backlit
  • Weight - 380g
  • Dimensions - 152 x 130 x 26 mm

What's Included:

  • 1 x Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus Scale
  • 1 x Silicone Heat Pad
  • 1 x USB to USB-C Charging cable
        Upgraded Version Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus+ Scale - Black

        Upgraded Version Timemore Black Mirror Basic Plus+ Scale - Black

        Regular price $105.00
        Sale price $105.00 Regular price $109.00
        Unit price

        Customer Reviews

        Based on 14 reviews
        Christine Gloria
        Accurate and simple to use.

        Time more Black Mirror BasicPlus is so easy to use. I'm able to fit it under my espresso machine group as well as using it for pour over (Hario V60) and French Press. Because it can weigh up to 2 kg it's also useful for other purposes. So versatile, accurate and consistent.

        Great scale for pourover coffees

        Coming from a Hario v60 scale, I feel that this scale is a major upgrade. Its response time is slightly faster than the Hario. And it is just as accurate. Its design makes it more waterproof than the v60 for those accidental pours on top of the scale. The autostart timer is a fantastic feature for pourovers. Since it is not easy to turn on and off, this feature would not be good if you want to time both pourovers and espressos. The bad things are that the LED display looks a bit blurry through the scale lid but it very readable. It also feels weird pressing buttons that are on the weighing portion of the scale so that the scale responds as you press the button. Does not change the functionality but I am just more cautious hitting the buttons.

        Guest Customer
        Great Scale

        This scale is really nice and it works great. So easy to use. Really nice light touch functionality. I gave this scale 4 stars because it only measures in grams. It doesn't have a built in ounce conversion, which I don't really need, but it would be nice.

        Dallas Lyle
        Great scale at a great price!

        This thing is the best bang for your buck hands down! I've been using it to make pour-overs every day for the last 3 months and it's phenomenal. It's accurate, durable, and easy to use. Definitely one of the best scales in its price range.

        Very cute

        Cute, well made, I can now hit shots that are sometimes bang on a 2:1 ratio of espresso output to ground coffee dose input. This changed the game.